Podcast: The Frightful Howls You May Hear!

Happy Walpurgisnacht! The three of us at With Cunning & Command have been working on a secret project we’ve waited for this very witch’s night to finally release out into the darksome wilderness of the hunt: our blog’s brand new companion podcast! The Frightful Howls You May Hear, whose title is an homage to the Grand Grimoire, is a bi-weekly podcast about all manner of magic, occultism, and folklore, from learned traditions of grimoires and astrology to the folkways of traditional witchcraft and herbalism around the globe. Finally putting the voices to our psuedonyms, the three of us will be uploading a new episode every two weeks, ranging from investigative deep-dives into an area of magical and folkloric research to workshopping sorcery, scrying, mediumship, and all sorts of actionable pursuits.

One of our major goals for this podcast, as we go into in our introductory episode, is to put out more content in a more casual manner. We’ve developed a particular tone in our writings on this blog which, while being authentic to our writing styles, is very much a product of both the perfectionism with which we approach what we share, as well as the constraints of privacy and secrecy enforced by our spirits and traditions. As such, what we do write on and explore here are the sorcerous results, field experiments, and magico-religious musings we can reveal, being only a small slice of what we actually get up to on a regular basis. With the podcast, we not only hope to discuss a bit more casually some of our adventures and experiments, but also connect with our beloved readers on a more personable level. We are so continually humbled by all the e-mails our readers send in, reports of your own attempts at some of the grimoiric and folk magical techniques we’ve discussed, and all the love and excitement you’ve shown our talismans, oils, readings, and other product launches (many more of these coming in the future!). The Frightful Howls is both a labour of love and a show of appreciation for your thoughtful engagement, and we hope to be able to learn together with you all on many more folkloric and sorcerous topics as we explore them in a far more casual, light-hearted setting.

We have one (and a half!) new episodes uploaded already:

Episode 0: On the Eve of the Great Enterprise: A short introduction to the podcast, what our plans are, and what to look forward to.

Episode 1: Toadmen, Horse Jading, and Leapers Between: An exploration of the toad bone rite, horse jading, toadmanry, self-initiations into witchcraft, and the Society of the Horseman’s Grip and Word. Lots of memes and laughs are had, Key wrestles with his past Chumbley phase, Salt delights us with his accents, and I lead the charge on the research while somehow bringing it all back to dragons once again.

If you’d like to give it a listen, head on over to the podcast site or our own blog’s page to see the new episodes. If you’d like to help us further expand the podcast, fund bonus episodes between weeks (available to all), and get access to some cool bonuses, please consider checking out our Patreon! By subscribing to our one (and only!) tier, you get access to our show notes and citations, exclusive monthly Q&As, Salt’s monthly astrological almanac, our herbal lore and magic of the month, and the ability to suggest and vote on future episode topics. Every patron helps us so much and we are so deeply grateful to each and every one of you!

Follow us on Twitter for updates and be sure to check back every two weeks for a new episode.

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