Welcome to With Cunning & Command, a blog about magic, occultism, grimoires, spirit work, folk lore, and esoteric scholarship. We are magicians, karcists, necromancers, and diviners working with diverse Old and New World traditions, grimoires, and spirit courts joined by common goals, loves, and approaches to the hidden. Here, on our new website, we hope to host book reviews, snippets of ritual procedures, reflections on sorcerous practices, and a miscellany of other related writings. Our work is invested in ever furthering the transformation of the magician as a magical being herself, while concurrently deepening levels of spirit communion and mastery using the twin-forked prongs of knowledge and strength, insight and power—with sagacious cunning and authoritative command.


This blog is run by three authors. Originally, it was penned by partners Sfinga and Salt, and now is delighted to feature one of their dearest friends (and Sfinga’s godbrother in Quimbanda) B. Key:

Sfinga is a traditional witch, diviner, and spirit-worker from the Balkans, with her chief pacts springing from among the various dragons, stellar divinities, and night-dwelling chthonic beings of those lands. Fascinated with folk magic, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, old Slavic folklore and mythology, and various ways of working both devils and saints, she strives towards ever refining new cunning with old wisdom. Her grimoire of choice is the Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer, a little-known text she has documented her work with on this blog. She is also an initiate of Brazilian Quimbanda.

Salt (also known as Khamaiyinepu) is a magician fascinated by early modern English folk and ritual magic practices, ever cultivating relationships with local land wights while contacting angelic and demonic powers through various grimoires. He practices Faustian magic following the German ritual praxis of the Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis. Passionate about Ancient Egyptian religion and sorcery, he is a fervent reader of all things pertaining to Kemetic ritual practices. A geomancer and student of Traditional Astrology and Astrological Image Magic, he strives to ever improve his divinations through consulting spirits and primary sources alike.

B. Key is a witch and sorcerer focused primarily on those traditions that hunt, find, and hide treasure of all kinds. Guided by saints and invigorated by devils, he works in the crossroads of old world grimoires and the folk magical practices of the new world. He is also initiated in Brazilian Quimbanda, in the same lineage.