Spiritual Services

Here is a list of spiritual and magical services we provide for sale.

Salt: I offer professional astrological and geomantic services operated on strict principles. I offer discretion to all my clients, and hold spiritual pacts in place which demand such. Therefore, I can guarantee that your questions and requests will not be discussed outside of our private conversations with one another. It is not my place to make moral or personal judgements on you. Rather, my role is to help assess the consequences of actions taken now or in the future, and to offer astrological guidance on the best courses of action for the best results as well as warn you of potential dangers and pitfalls. All consultations are done over e-mail. If you would like to book a reading with me, you can pay via the below methods, or email me at CunningAndSalt@protonmail.com – I will be in touch with you after to discuss any required information.

Astrological Services:

Astrological Horary Judgement

Whilst many today are unfamiliar with it, Horary Astrology is a system of divination that has been known for over a millennia. Indeed, during the Early Modern period Horary was arguably the more important and common use for Astrology. I provide Horary readings to clients that answer various questions, such as "Will I get the job?" or "Will my ex take me back?" and generally speaking we can apply Horary to most of your questions. Another benefit of Horary is the sheer amount of detail that we can delineate. For example, if we ask "Will my new project fail?"—and the answer is "yes"—then by looking at the placement of various aspects of the chart we can see the difficulties presented and using this information attempt to improve the situation. You may ask three questions per Horary judgement, so long as they are related to the same topic.



This is a "Micro Natal Reading" and is intended for those on a budget, or those who only want a particular question about their Natal Chart and its significations and promises answered. Examples of questions you might ask here: "What are the things stopping me from attaining prosperity?", "Will I have children?" and so on. This form of Nativity was actually quite common historically and should provide you with plenty of information about the Celestial Influences present in your life. When you select this reading you may ask two questions about your Nativity and I shall observe the chart and delineate them for you.


Astrological Nativity

An Astrological Birth Chart or Nativity describes the spiritual and celestial influences that take root in you from the moment you were born. A Nativity is an excellent aid to those seeking to better understand the myriad influences upon their lives and how to navigate them to attain their goals in life. Note that my Nativities do not focus on character assessment, but on your life itself and are rooted in the works of Guido Bonatti and William Lilly and so do not operate entirely the same way Modern Astrologers would practice their craft. You will also receive the name of your Angel and Demon of Nativity with this reading, as well as knowing which planet rules you. The average length of this reading is over 25 pages and contains high levels of detail. Requires your birthtime and date.


Magician’s Nativity

The core of this reading is the same as an ordinary nativity – however, additional information is also given wherein we will also assess which planets are inclined to patron you in particular expressions and disciplines of Magical Practice, as well as what kinds of spirits are drawn to you by natural inclination. You will also discover which planets are best willing to work for you magically in general, and which you may need to pacify in order to achieve the best results in your work with them. Furthermore, I will also prescribe three Astrological Talisman Elections which maximize the strengths of your chart or will tackle particular difficulties in it. NOTE: This reading utilizes techniques that might not be generally considered "Traditional" and can be considered (somewhat) to be innovations on my part taught by my spirits.


Business Readings

Maybe you want to know potential avenues to expand your business? Maybe you are seeking insight on your new business partner? Or even want to know if you'll hit the annual sales target? We can even take a sneak peak at the future of the Stock Market, in say six months time. My astrological business readings are precisely intended to help you in these affairs. For this consultation I will be looking over the chart for your own Nativity, the chart of the business itself and also a Horary divination for any questions not immediately answered by these charts.


Astrological Year Reading

Utilizing a combination of various prediction techniques, including Solar Revolutions, Firdar, Profections and Primary Directions, I will analyse the year ahead for you as well as the rest of the current year in precise detail.


Astrological Talisman Guidance

I am versed in the construction of Astrological Talismans, and am able to both create them myself, find a suitable chart for you to do the same & guide you in it, or I can review your Astrological Electional Charts and proofread them. I charge $50 to find you a suitable Talismanic Election for a particular star or planet, wherein you will be provisioned with the date, times and ritual processes for the creation of the same. For $10, I will review a chart sent to me and respond with my thoughts on whether or not it is workable, and briefly explain any afflictions which disqualify it, as well as how to spot them in the future. (If you wish to send me a chart for review rather than order a new election, Email me the chart with the subject line of "Chart Review - X" replacing X with the planet or star you wish to elect.) Note that Astrological Talisman elections are a long term factor. Certain Stellar bodies may even take years before they have an available Talisman. I am strict and rigorous in my elections that I provide.


Geomancy Consultation

The art of Geomancy was one of the most popular methods of divination in the early modern and Renaissance periods. Using this method of divination I can answer your questions, inquiries, and curiosities and also help you find a solution to any difficulties you might be facing.



Consistent customers over a long period of time will be rewarded and will have the opportunity to receive a regular blessing performed semi-regularly at auspicious times, with spirits specifically contracted to assist those whom patron this practice regularly. These are amongst other benefits such as discounts, & the occasional free Horary reading or Election. In particular, regular patrons will also receive a hardship discount during times of trouble, given at my discretion.

Delivery Time

Currently it takes roughly anywhere between one to three weeks for an order to be completed, and there is usually a queue. I guarantee that you will be kept informed if any unforeseen issue arises that results in your order taking longer to fulfill.

Return Policy and Liability Disclaimer

Refunds are issued solely at my discretion and only in exceptional circumstances. This is because the work that goes into each natal reading is over 10-15 hours. The prices for each service pay for the hours of labour involved in the craft.