Master of the Wolves Charms: Reserved

For clients who asked for a charm to be held for them until payment can be rendered. If you do not have such an arrangement, please do not click the link below.

Master of the Wolves Charms: The Old One’s Guard

Righteous warriors, skin-turning wolf-folk, and sorcerers in service to the Master: these are a series of limited charms in honour of the “Gospodar Vukova”. Ferocious protectors and destroyers of malefica, we’ve affectionately dubbed them “guerilla soldiers in witchcraft” for their tried and tested approach to well-rounded protection. Each bearing a unique spirit, whose names and stories will be revealed to their pacted allies in time with communion, they teach shapeshifting, assist in ingress with their allied gods and spirits, and provide sagacious advice and counsel in all manner of sorcery.