Astrological Consultations

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Natal Astrological Services

Our Natal Astrological Services are intended to provide you with an understanding of your Astrological Natal chart, and all the ways it will impact you in life. In particular, if you find yourself wondering what exactly the Natal chart is, you can read [HERE] about the subject, and also about how I go about conducting each judgement. [Note, as of February due to high demand I have raised prices. I wouldn’t be able to keep up otherwise considering how much time is spent per client].

Please note that our Astrological Natal services are divided into two groups: Root and Revolution charts. You might know these as Birth charts and Solar Return charts.

Root Consultations

The first we consider, are the Root consultations, with an emphasis on the big picture and the Root of the Nativity. This uses what is today typically called the birth chart and judgements here are based on more abstract timing techniques that cover larger periods of life. In particular, emphasis is given on Financial affairs or Career, Health, Relationships and similar topics. We also apply techniques of judging the personality, manners, and temperament of the Native. The complete root reading is considerable in size (at minimum thirty pages), taking many many hours to complete. This is because the Astrology I do is not entirely supported by modern technology, and I have to calculate certain factors by hand. A summary of what is covered in the Complete Root Consultation is as follows:

  1. On the Preliminary Judgements (Conditions of the Planets and Calculations)
  2. On the Native themselves, their Soul, Bodily Health and Inclinations
  3. On the Family and Kinsmen
  4. On the Wealth of the Native, and their profession or exaltation
  5. On the Marriage and Friendships of the Native
  6. Of Dangers, Wars, Crime, Imprisonment, Sicknesses, Violence and Injuries
  7. On the Religious life of the Native, and Occult Matters to be considered
  8. Of the Home, Household and Country and Travels, whether the same is safe

Available Root Natal Consultations

Complete Root Consultation

An Astrological Birth Chart or Nativity describes the spiritual and celestial influences that take root in you from the moment you were born. A Nativity is an excellent aid to those seeking to better understand the myriad influences upon their lives and how to navigate them to attain their goals in life. These Astrological Judgements predominantly make use of Persian and Hellenistic techniques and are typically in the 50-70 pages range in length.


Focused or Topical Consultation

This Astrological Judgement focuses on two particular topics of your choice, as well as the preliminary judgments required to read the figure. It is a budget option, intended for those interested in particular topics or matters (such as spirituality, or finances) and also for those who want to work with monthly consultations but are disinterested in the wider scope of the Root chart.


Celestial Spirits Consultation

This consultation looks over the various Ruling Celestial Intelligences and Angels whose names can be discerned in the Chart from particular places. It includes the Angels who intermediate between the Native and the Planets, the Celestial spirit chiefly responsible for the Native, their character, and also a method to conjure both kinds so one may pursue practical work with them. This is not included with the Complete Root consultation. Also includes an Astrological Election that will give you the information needed to create a Talisman of your choice.


Revolution, or Yearly & Monthly Consultations

These Revolution consultations require one of our Root readings before it can be purchased, as I require an understanding of the Root Figure itself. These are essentially Yearly or Monthly Natal consultations, that consider the Root of the Chart and also the Revolution chart and compares the two of them, along with making use of what are called Chronocrater (Time lord) techniques to judge a rough time for the occurrence of particular events. For example, if one wanted to know how the upcoming month would go for them financially, then we would consider the revolution in context of the chart.

Revolutions are excellent at giving general ideas and pictures of what is coming up in the coming months. Whilst a Horary is better for particular questions such as “Will I get a raise?”, it is the Revolution which we should question when we want to know “How will the state of my finances be over the next months” as it is this kind of chart which discerns the relationship between the Stars and one’s own Soul itself and how this will impact one’s life. Consider the Revolution to be like the water that nourishes the Root chart in a way—whilst the potential is stored in the Root of the figure, it is the Revolution which determines its outcome and growth.

I offer two kinds of Revolution Consultations: yearly and monthly.

Yearly Natal Consultation

We look at the coming year in an abstract and general way, covering three topics of your choosing, as well as any major events that the chart demands we pay attention towards. [Requires a Root Consultation to have been done].


Monthly Natal Consultation

We look at a month of your choosing beginning from the Sun’s entrance into a particular place until the next one. You may ask about two particular topics of your choice within this consultation. [Requires a Root Consultation to have been done]


Horary and Geomancy Consultations

These kinds of consultation assess particular questions that you might have. Horary especially is well posited for asking whether a particular event will occur and its consequences or goodness, as well as the ease of it happening. For example: “Will I get the job?” or “will my girlfriend’s father recover from his illness?” Furthermore, it can provide context and background details that might not initially be part of the question, such as outside influences and figures that the Querent themselves is not aware of. Consider it almost akin to a Nativity for a particular question, which indicates the outcome for the matter. Geomancy Consultations on the other hand are suited for various topics and matters, just ask away! I follow the method set out by in the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, as well alongside the manner of perfection given in Geomantia di Petro d’Abano.


Suitable for questions such as “will I get the job?” or “will I move house?” and generally any question that asks whether or not a particular event will occur. Alternatively, it allows for delving into the secret thoughts of others. Horary Astrology has a long and venerable history, capable of answering all kinds of questions you might have.


Geomancy Consultation

The art of Geomancy was one of the most popular methods of divination in the early modern period, with its origins likely coming about via Islamic-Greek syncretism during the early middle ages. Using this method of divination I can answer your questions, inquiries, and curiosities and also help you find a solution to any difficulties you might be facing. Ask away and I shall aspire to answer for you.


Delivery Time

Currently it takes roughly anywhere between one to four weeks for a Root order to be completed, there is usually a queue. I guarantee that you will be kept informed if any unforeseen issue arises that results in your order taking longer to fulfill.

Return Policy and Liability Disclaimer

Refunds are issued solely at my discretion and only in exceptional circumstances. This is because the work that goes into each natal reading is over 25 hours. The prices for each service pays for the hours of labour involved in the craft.