We offer a wide range of consultations and services tailored to your particular needs including astrology (all major genres from mundane to nativities, inceptions to questions/horary), as well as geomancy, physiognomy, descrying, etc. Please read the following page carefully when considering our services, and peruse our example reading [HERE]. All astrological and geomantic consultations are conducted by Salt.

At this moment in time, consultations take place via email and text formats. For more details, or if you are unsure what grade your consultation belongs to, contact me at the following email [HERE].


A beautifully illustrated larger body of work that is intended to act as a ‘general’ natal reading (with 2 additional questions) to examine the influence of the stars over the soul, temperament, and fortune of the native. It is also a place to record prior and future consultations, with an appended collection of occult experiments and prescriptions tailored to the needs of patrons according to the nativity and other prognostications (typically added free of charge). These casebooks will be built up over time to become a record of judgements and also a little book of conjurations, incantations, and more. NOTE: These casebooks have a separate schedule and a long waiting time (generally months), if the time frame is important to you please get in touch and inquire about the schedule before purchasing.


Grade I – General Consultation and Medical Consultations

General questions suitable for horary, geomancy, and other forms of divination. Example questions may include: ‘will I get the promotion?’, ‘what should I keep an eye on spiritually speaking at the moment?’, ‘what do I need to do in order to successfully manifest this sorcerous goal?’ and so on. Can include all medical questions for both natal and horary astrology.


Grade II – General Consultation

Questions relating to the natal chart (‘What does my chart say about marriage?’ etc.) or electional, talismanic astrology for non-commercial purposes. Also includes questions regarding anti-witchcraft and malefica (‘Am I suffering the effects of a curse/malefica?’).


Grade III – General Consultation

This grade is for any questions making use of multiple charts (such as revolutions), or multiple related questions. In general, these can include complicated work such as ‘year ahead’ readings or mundane (political) judgements, as well as elections intended for commercial use (i.e. for the sale of astrological images).